Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Neighbors, below is a list of frequently asked questions to better assist our community. If you don't find the answer you need on the site please feel free to contact the board, via the Community Manager, we are happy to help. We do ask that everyone remembers we are a volunteer board, doing the best we can to manage everything along with our full time jobs and families. Please be kind in your communication and remember we are all neighbors!

Management Company:

We currently use Exclusive Association Management, Inc, a management company, to assist with running our neighborhood affairs. If you do not have an account set up, click the this link to their site, to set one up.

Q: How often do they come through the neighborhood reviewing for violations?

A: Currently they drive through on a monthly basis. If there are unforeseen circumstances such as significant increase in price of gas, the drive through is every other month.

Q: What is the standard procedure for violations:


Stage 1 - Courtesy Notice - It is simply a friendly reminder notice of non-compliance.

Stage 2 - Second Notice - It is a warning notice of the violation, giving 15 calendar days to correct the item. If it is not corrected, then a homeowner will be assessed a fine for non-compliance. To close out this notice, log in to the Property Management Portal, click on "My Items" and upload a photo showing the item is corrected.

Stage 3 - Third Notice - It is the non-compliance and fine notice showing the fine assessed for non-compliance. To close out this notice, log in to the Property Management Portal, click on "My Items" and upload a photo showing the item is corrected.

Q: How do I contact the management company if I have an issue?

A: ​If you are have problems logging in or registering your account, please contact the community management company at 770-949-5663

Q: How do I sign up to receive email communication from Exclusive Association Management, Inc?

A: Each home needs to create an account with Exclusive Association Management, Inc on their website. Once that is created you will be able to "opt in" to receive email communication. When logged in, go to the "My Contact Info" menu to "opt in". This is the only way to be added to the email distribution list.

Home Improvements:

Q: What is an ACC request?

A: ACC stands for Architectural Control Committee. In our neighborhood, the board of directors is in charge of approving changes to a homeowner's home or property. Common changes are: painting the exterior of the home, installing a fence, storage shed installation, adding concrete, etc. These changes MUST be approved by the board BEFORE the work begins. If the board feels the changes made are not compliant with the covenants or work is done that was not initially approved, you may be asked to make additional changes (at your cost) or fees could be assessed.

Q: How do I submit an ACC request?

A: An ACC request can be completed by logging in to the Property Management Portal, click on "My Items", then at the top of the page, click on "Submit a Request" tab, then select the "ARC Request" option button, fill out the form and then click on "Submit Form".

Q: If I need paint or trim colors for my home, where do I find those?

​A : When D.R. Horton, Paran Homes, Triple Creek Builders, True Built Custom Homes, MB Endeavors, JL Baker Building, Outback Homes or Timberwood Homes turned over any home in the neighborhood, they left information of paint colors used in the home.

If you don't have the paint color information and your builder used Sherwin William paint, typically Sherwin Williams has the paint codes. Contact your local Sherwin Williams, give them the builder name that built your home and subdivision name, they may be able to provide you with the paint color that was used by the builder for your home. Also, Sherwin Williams has different Color Tools that can help a homeowner identify the paint color used in their home. Visit your local Sherwin Williams store and they can help guide you on how to use their color tool to identify the paint color used in your home.

Q: If a homeowner needs other information such as appliance warranty, builder warranty of my home or information on servicing an appliance, where do I find those?

A: If you know the name of the builder that built your home, reach out to them as they may be able to provide this information. Also, you can look at existing labels on your appliance or left over appliance manuals to identify the appliance manufacturer name. Reach out to the appliance manufacturer as they may be able to provide requested information. Also, most appliance manufacturers have a service department that perform service for a fee, if your appliance is no longer covered by warranty.

Q: Where do I find home maintenance tips?

A: Home maintenance tips can be found by doing a google search. However we have created a Home Maintenance Tips webpage to share tips used by community members with community members. The information on the Home Maintenance Tips page is not from an Expert. As such Homeowners, Residents and Community Members should seek the advise of experts. Indian Shoals Landing HOA is not responsible or liable for outcomes from the use of information on the home maintenance tips page. Use information on the Home Maintenance Tips at your own risk.

HOA Dues (Yearly)

Q: What are the dues for Indian Shoals Landing Community?

A: Our neighborhood dues are currently $500 per year. Payments can be made online with your account on Exclusive Association Management, Inc website or by mailing in a check. All dues are due in FULL by January 31st of each year.

Community Improvements:

To ensure Indian Shoals Landing is the community of choice for homeowners, the HOA is working on multiple infrastructure projects. This website will be updated as progress is made. More to come.

Q: What new amenities will be added to the community?

A: The HOA board has a plan on adding multiple infrastructures and amenities for the community. We will update the community as progress is made. More to come on this

Q: Will the tennis court be renovated/restored?

A: The HOA board is currently looking into vendor options to renovate the tennis court.

Q: Will a playground be built?

A: The HOA board is currently working with Gwinnett County to get the necessary permits that we will need to build a playground.


Q: When does the pool open?

A: The date does change yearly, but typically the pool opens around the last day of Gwinnett County School or sometime around Memorial Day.

Q: When does the pool close?

A: The date does change yearly, but typically the pool closes around Labor Day each year.

Q: How do I get access to the pool?

A: Each home was issued a pool card to get into the gate. We use the same card yearly so it is your responsibility to keep the card. If you need a replacement card, there is a replacement fee that has to be paid to get a replacement card. Please "Submit a New Request" to request for a replacement card. and pay the card replacement fee. The "Submit A New Request" button can be found in the "Dashboard" menu on the Property Management Portal. Select "General Request", fill out the form and click on "Submit Form".

If you are new to the neighborhood and the previous homeowner did not leave you the card or you are yet to receive a card from the community manager, please create an account on Exclusive Association Management, Inc , then request for a card using the above procedure.

All homeowners accounts must be current to gain access to the pool. Pool cards will be deactivated if HOA dues are in default or violations are listed on the account.

If you are a renter or live in a leased home, your homeowner MUST be current on all dues for you to gain access to the amenities. Please reach out to your homeowner for access to the pool. Your homeowner is responsible for both contacting the community manager and giving you access to the pool.

Q: My card isn't working, what's wrong?

A: If any HOA dues or violation fines are outstanding, the board will deactivate your card until all financial maters are settled with Exclusive Association Management, Inc. If there are no outstanding dues or fines, chances are there is a malfunction with the card or the gate and the board will look into that request.

Q: Is additional parking allowed in the swimming pool parking lot?

A: The parking lot is for Indian Shoals Landing homeowners and their guests who are parking to use the pool and tennis court. No overnight parking is allowed.